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Threat (large print)
Hugh Fraser


  • Format: Largeprint - Hardback
  • Released: 1 October 2017
  • Publisher: Magna Large Print Books
  • ISBN: 9780750544771
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction Adventure & thriller
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  • Our Price: 20.99
  • Number Of Pages: 294
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Book summary

London 1961. In the dying days of the MacMillan government George Preston is in control of crime in West London and Rina Walker is his favoured contract killer. Now 21, she is living next door to her lover Lizzie, herself a fearsome dominatrix whose clients include a senior member of the government.

Rina is approached by Tony Farina, one of the vicious Maltese brothers who control vice in Soho. Seven girls have disappeared & Rina discovers they are being killed and supplied to a member of the English aristocracy for the gratification of his macabre sexual tastes. Rina's pursuit of the girls' murderer becomes increasingly desperate as she grapples with corruption and betrayal at the highest levels of society, and heads towards a deadly and depraved final confrontation


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