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The Secret Life of Bletchley Park (large print)
Sinclair McKay

The Secret Life of Bletchley Park

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Book summary

Bletchley Park was where one of the war's most famous - and crucial - achievements was made: the cracking of Germany's "Enigma" code in which it's most important military communications were couched. This country house in the Buckinghamshire countryside was home to Britain’s most brilliant mathematical brains, like Alan Turing, and the scene of immense advances in technology - indeed, the birth of modern computing. The military codes deciphered there were instrumental in turning both the Battle of the Atlantic and the war in North Africa.

Sinclair McKay's book is an amazing compendium of memories from people now in their eighties - of skating on the frozen lake in the grounds, of the high jinks at nearby accommodation hostels and of the implacable secrecy that meant girlfriend and boyfriend working in adjacent huts knew nothing about each other's work.

Patricia Brown “There can be no more than a handful of Bletchley survivors now. But this book seems a remarkably faithful account of what we did, why it mattered, and how it all felt at the time.”


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