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Our Secret (large print)
Alessandra Bancroft

Our Secret

  • Format: Largeprint - Hardback
  • Released: 24 March 2017
  • Publisher: Ace\'s Ebooks
  • ISBN: 9781640484665-POD
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction General & literary
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  • Our Price: 17.99
  • Format(inches): 10x8
  • Format(mm): 254x203
  • Number Of Pages: 62
  • Product Weight: 380gm
  • Publisher Statement: large type edition
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Book summary

Our Secret

Assistant store manager Melanie is one-of-a-kind.  Working her way up from the bottom, she’s on the road to becoming a salaried manager with the help of her boss and mentor, Paulina.  Her dedication, determination, and great attitude keep her moving up the corporate ladder.  Things are going good, but just as she receives her first big promotion, Paulina goes out on disability and Melanie is stuck with Tim, a young and flirtatious temporary manager, and Raylayna, the new District Manager who seems to always be on a power trip. 

Tim is a handsome yet cocky guy who is more than willing to let you know how good he is at his job.  Although he is engaged, he takes an interest in Melanie as soon as they meet each other.  His laid-back attitude conflicts with Melanie’s intense determination and it drives her crazy to see him get the credit for all her hard work.  Melanie is suddenly faced with the new challenge of resisting her strong desires for Tim while trying to remain professional at work. 

When things go too far, will the secret they have tear them apart or bring them together?

WARNING: This is an erotic romance book.  It contains graphic language, strong emotion, and passionate love scenes.

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