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1. A Recipe Book For- Practical Project Management - Pramod Saxena

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 4.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

This is not just another book, the author has oscillated between Project management, methodologies, behaviour skills etc., with some sense of humour. This book is the index of what you should bare necessary implement and behave in your practical Project Management tenure.

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2. An Eagle in the Airing Cupboard - Rex Harper

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: 20.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

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3. An Eagle Named Freedom LP: My True Story of a Remarkable Friends - Jeff Guidry

Largeprint (Paperback / softback) Our price: 21.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

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4. Arthur Blackburn, VC An Australian Hero, His Men, and Their Two (Large Print 16pt) - Andrew Faulkner

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 19.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Gallipoli hero, Victoria Cross recipient, battalion and brigade commander, conqueror of Damascus and defiant antagonist of the Japanese - by any measure Arthur Seaforth Blackburn was one of Australia's most remarkable soldiers. This, the first Blackburn biography, details the famous battles that shaped Australia. It tells Blackburn's story through the eyes of his comrades, including many from his battalion who survived the horrors of the Burma Railway, and includes photographs taken by Blackburn never published before. This edition is in two volumes. The first volume ISBN is 9781459645417.

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5. Australian Migrant Ships 1946-1977 (Large Print 16pt) - Peter Plowman

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 19.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

In 1945 Arthur Calwell announced a new immigration policy for Australia requiring an influx of 70,000 migrants a year, and it was hoped that all of them would come from Britain. When insufficient Britons applied the Australian government looked to Italy and Greece and then to refugee camps across Europe. This book looks at the ships that brought these migrants to Australia - some that were never designed to carry passengers or to travel great distances - and their place in maritime and Australian history.

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6. Auto Biography: A Classic Car, an Outlaw Motorhead, and 57 Years of the American Dream - Earl Swift

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: 25.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

An unforgettable ode to American car culture, award-winning author Earl Swift's wise, funny, and captivating narrative follows an outlaw-genius motorhead as he attempts to restore an iconic 1957 Chevy from rusted-out wreck to gleaming work of American art--before the FBI closes in.

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7. Bearbrass Imagining Early Melbourne (Large Print 16pt) - Robyn Annear

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 19.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

'Just a little way down Collins Street, beside Henry Buck's, is a perpetually dark but sheltered laneway called Equitable Place. Here you'll find a number of places to eat and drink. Settle yourself in the window of one, shut your eyes, and picture this scene of yore ...'' In this much - loved book, Robyn Annear resurrects the village that was early Melbourne - from the arrival of white settlers in 1835 until the first gold rushes shook the town - and brings it to life in vivid colour. Bearbrass was one of the local names by which Melbourne was known and Annear provides a fascinating living portrait of the streetlife of this town. In a lively and engaging style, she overlays her reinvention of Bearbrass with her own impressions and experiences of the modern city, enabling Melburnians and visitors to imagine the early township and remind themselves of the rich history that lies beneath today's modern metropolis. The original Bearbrass won the A.A. Phillips Award for Australian Studies in the 1995 Victorian Premier's Literary Awards.

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8. Beyond the Bungalow (Large Print 16pt) - Paul Duchscherer

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 16.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Beyond the Bungalow, the newest book from renowned designer and Arts & Crafts expert Paul Duchscherer, celebrates the larger members of the Arts & Crafts family, and pays tribute to their remarkable artistic beauty, craftsmanship, and diversity of style.Widely acclaimed as America's favorite ''Arts & Crafts Home,'' the term ''bungalow'' may bring a specific image to mind, but it really is one part of a much larger family. This extended family also includes an entire genre of larger - scale Craftsman - period homes, much like those created by architect brothers Charles and Henry Greene.

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9. Big Mobs The Story of Australian Cattlemen (Large Print 16pt) - Glen McLaren

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 25.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

In almost all respects I found Australian ranching customs and traditions far more intriguing, more dangerous, more ''western'' than those of North America' - Professor Jim Hoy, Emporia State University, Kansas. Previously overshadowed in the public imagination by notions of American cowboys and the wild west, Big Mobs gives Australian stockmen the place they so richly deserve in pastoral and Australian history. From the lonely months on a long cattle drive to the boots they wore and the places they lived in, this comprehensive work provides a fascinating insight into a unique way of life.

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10. Chemical Processing Nomographs - Raymond A. Kulwiec

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 54.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

2nd Edition, Revised and Enlarged. - CONTENTS - ; 1. Flow of Fluids 9 - Flow of Mercury-Flow of Steam, Air, and Other GasesRelated Topics: Hydrostatic Heads, Equivalent Diameters, Hydraulic Radius, Pressure Drops, Viscous Flow, Rotameters, Fluidizing-Flow of Water through Pipes and Valves and Over Weirs-Flow of Chemicals in Solution Orifice Flow ; ; 2. Some Aspects of Heat 59 - Heat Transfer Coefficients-Losses-Heat ContentsSpecific Heats-Resistance Heaters-Industrial Requirements ; ; 3. Pulp and Paper Mill Calculations 95 - Consistencies-Inventory-Production-Roll Length- Breaking Length ; ; 4. Vapor Pressures 115 - Hydrocarbons-Gasoline-Liquefied Petroleum GasesChlorinated Methanes, Ethanes, and Ethylenes-GlycolsEsters- Miscellaneous Compounds ; ; 5. Densities and Specific Gravities 139 - Fatty Acids-Esters-Formalin Solutions-KetonesAqueous Acetone, Methanol, Ethanol, Nitric Acid, Urea, Sulfuric Acid-Asphaltic Materials-Oleum ; ; 6. Relationships of Pressure, Volume, and Temperature 161 - Vapors at Low Pressures-Air-Gases at Standard Conditions-Freon 11 ; ; 7. Sizing of Equipment 175 - Cyclone Dip Legs-Catalyst Hoppers-Pumps and Pump Motors ; ; 8. Miscellaneous 189 - Properties-Equipment -Correction, Characterization, and Conversion Factors-Blending-Industrial ProductionCrystallization - Electrodeposition - Contaminants - Costs-Design of Vessels-Purging-Screening-Sedimentation- Relative Volatility-Efficiencies-Permeability ;

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11. Circle It, Steam Engine / Locomotive Facts, Large Print, Word Search, Puzzle Book - Lowry Global Media LLCMark Schumacher

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 9.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

If you love old Steam Engines, then your just found the right book!!!

You already really like word searches, but most books are virtually the same with just lists of words. There must be something more, and now there is; in our books you can read interesting facts, the bold words within the text can be found in the puzzle on the opposite page. No more boring lists of words™.

This book contains interesting facts about old Steam Engines. It reads like a book and it also has page after page of word search puzzles.

Why just work through lists of words when you can discover interesting facts about old Steam Enginesand enjoy some stimulating Circle It word search. No more boring lists of words™. The words for the Circle It word search are in bold within the text. All of the Facts series of Circle It word search books contain a wide variety of community contributed information that is useful, interesting, and fun. Get yours today.

Each "Circle It" word search book has an interesting subject, like:

    * Dog Facts

    * Cat Facts

    * Lake Fish Facts

    * World War II Facts

    * Jimmy Fallon Facts

    * Chocolate Facts

    * ...many many more (100+ titles)

Lowry Global Media, Circle It Word Search Books are all available from your favorite online bookseller.
Just search for "Lowry Global Media" to see all of our word search titles.

Looking for a gift? Our books are great for anyone ages 12 to 99.

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12. Consuming Desires: Consumption, Culture, and the Pursuit of Happ -

Largeprint (Paperback / softback) Our price: 32.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

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13. Detail Engineering and Layout of Piping Systems (4th Edition) - Bob Wilson

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 92.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

Bob Wilson is a practicing piping design engineer. For more than 40 years he has been involved with the drafting, design, stress analysis, layout, support and construction of piping systems, working with petrochemical, power, steel, mining & processing companies in North America, Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. Mr. Wilson is a member of the ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code Sub Group on Design. He is a former engineering professor at Sheridan College in Canada and currently teaches piping design and engineering courses for ASME. This book is currently used as a textbook for a number of the piping courses taught by Mr. Wilson.

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14. Doon the Road - Charlotte Grey

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 11.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

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15. Edison's Concrete Piano Flying Tanks, Six-Nippled Sheep, Walk-On-Water Shoes, and 12 Other Flops from Great Inventors (Large Print 16pt) - Judy Wearing

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 19.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Edison's Concrete Piano highlights the careers of famous inventors - revealing the lesser - known and most fascinating facts about their careers, their wackier hobbies, and especially their big flops and great successes. Take Thomas Edison for example, who revolutionized our world with the light bulb, the phonograph, and the forerunner to the movie camera. He also created a concrete piano, a non - operational helicopter made from box kites and piano wire, and a machine to speak to the dead. Edison was not the only one to engineer a complete flop now and again; in fact, failure amid greatness is the norm - not the exception.
Did you know that Henry Ford followed his Model T success with a tractor that was famous for killing its customers? Ever heard of a flying tank? Can you imagine why physics genius Albert Einstein created a refrigerator that howled like a banshee? Or what Nikola Tesla was thinking when he tested his earthquake machine - in crowded Manhattan? And how did Alexander Graham Bell, after inventing the phone, pass the time on his sheep farm in Nova Scotia?
From whole scale improvements, like the assembly line, to robots made from paint cans, Edison's Concrete Piano covers it all. Written snapshots of inventors through the ages to the current day are accompanied by photographs and illustrations of their lives and their inventions. Read about Edison, Tesla, DaVinci, Fuller, and Alexander Graham Bell, alongside the inventors you've never considered - the people who are dreaming up many of the products you'll use every day.
From Alexander Graham Bell's six - nippled sheep to Leonardo da Vinci's walk - on - water shoes, these ludicrous ideas and faulty designs will leave you with a smile on your face, and a new perspective on the meaning of success.

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16. El Arte de la Guerra: Estrategias Milenarias Para Lideres de Tod - Sun Tzu

Largeprint (Paperback / softback) Our price: 9.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

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17. Engineering Design Safety, Special Reprint Edition - Hunter, Thomas A Hunter

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 40.50  - Click book title for availability and further details

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18. From the Flight Deck Plane Talk and Sky Science (Large Print 16pt) - Doug Morris

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 19.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Imagine you're sitting next to a pilot on a flight and he's eager to answer all those nagging questions you have about air travel. Are those bumps and noises normal? Why are some take - offs delayed? What happens if there's a storm? How does this plane stay in the air, anyway? In From the Flight Deck: Plane Talk and Sky Science, pilot, meteorologist, and flight - school instructor Doug Morris lets you take the window seat on a trip around the world, giving you the scoop on everything from take - off to landing. He explains what you see looking out the window, what that window is made of, and how the plane is kept in rigorous flying condition. Perfect for informing the aviation enthusiast and calming the fearful flier, From the Flight Deck tells you everything you want to know about commercial airline travel: the physics of flight, how airplanes work and what they're made of, how pilots are trained, route planning and the importance of the ground crew, turbulence, flying in storms, what the flight crew gets up to on layovers, and much more. With facts, trivia, humour, and illuminating photos throughout, From the Flight Deck is the ultimate flight companion.

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19. Hot, Flat, and Crowded: Why We Need a Green Revolution - And How - Thomas L Friedman

Largeprint (Paperback / softback) Our price: 21.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

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20. Industrial Experimentation - K.A. Brownlee

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 64.50  - Click book title for availability and further details

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