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1. Ike's Bluff President Eisenhower's Secret Battle to Save the World - Evan Thomas

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Evan Thomas's startling account of how the underrated Dwight Eisenhower saved the world from nuclear holocaust. Upon assuming the presidency in 1953, Dwight Eisenhower set about to make good on his campaign promise to end the Korean War. Yet while Eisenhower was quickly viewed by many as a doddering lightweight, behind the bland smile and simple speech was a master tactician. To end the hostilities, Eisenhower would take a colossal risk by bluffing that he might use nuclear weapons against the Communist Chinese, while at the same time restraining his generals and advisors who favored the strikes. Ike's gamble was of such magnitude that there could be but two outcomes: thousands of lives saved, or millions of lives lost. A tense, vivid and revisionist account of a president who was then, and still is today, underestimated, IKE'S BLUFF is history at its most provocative and thrilling.

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2. 50 Great Military Leaders of All Time - Jann Tibbetts

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Throughout history we have had leaders and followers. Naturally one cannot work without the other, but most if not all of the time, history remembers the leaders, the revolutionaries, erstwhile the followers are mere footnotes.

Military commanders lead thousands of their men in the vicious battle. Their flourishes speech prior to the battle, inspired thousands of their men in the battlefield, which is still invoked by various historians.

In this book we would be exploring the lives of 50 most brilliant Military Leaders of all times. Their cunning, their audaciousness and sheer brilliance will come to the forefront. They come but once in a lifetime, and in that lifetime they, albeit through the unpleasant act of war rise above the rest and rightly or wrongly leave their mark on human civilization.

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