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1. Life and Sayings of Elder Mettaous - Fr Ignatius el Souriany

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The late monk the very Rev Father Mettaous el Souriany was a great pillar of monasticism, both or the Sourian Monastery and across the monastic life in general. He came to the monastery at a young age of 22, and lived in the monastery for 60 years in moderate asceticism and true spirit of worship. He lived in a humble cell in the monastery, and when the opportunity arose, he built his own cell close to the eastern wall of the monastery's garden in the early 1960's and continued to live there until his departure. His spiritual exercises were very moderate, as he always said: "The middle pathway has delivered many people without many struggles." He cared deeply about the depth of spiritual virtues, and was not concerned with extreme fetes of asceticism. This book contains stories from his life and some of his sayings, praying that it will be a source of blessing to everyone who reads it.

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2. Prisoner X (16pt Large Print Edition) - Rafael Epstein

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The true story behind the intriguing but ultimately tragic story of Ben Zygier: son, soldier, spy. The urgent phone call comes from behind the barbed wire. 'This is Ayalon prison,' says one of the guards urgently. 'Listen, he hanged himself, we need an ambulance.' Prisoner X, just 34 years old, was slumped in a small bathroom, separated from his cell by a transparent door. Kept in one of the most technologically sophisticated solitary jail cells, at the behest of one of the world's most feared intelligence agencies, it is not easy to kill yourself. But Ben Zygier managed to do just that. Did he work for Mossad? Was he also working for ASIO? Was he involved in the supply of false passports? Was he a whistle blower or double agent, or simply a young man way out of his depth? In Prisoner X Rafael Epstein uncovers the intriguing story of a young Australian swept up in international intelligence.

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Roberto Luque Escalona was born in Holguin, Cuba, and studied in the UNAM (México) and University of Havana. A participant in the revolution against Batista and the opposition of Castro’s regime he is currently a journalist with several published books, among them: Yo, el mejor de todos (biography of Ernesto Guevara), and the novelas: Bonpland #8 and Lorenzo y el Cordero del Diablo.

The author explain his book: «Persons, events, objects, institutions: nothing has escaped the Cuban inclination towards myths. Rolando Masferrer, written up by many as a murderer, but without proof of any killings, was labeled a gangster and a member of a revolutionary group –without revolution. As a main character in a Republic that today is desired but which was in the past detested…no one better than he to be an involuntary emblem for that tendency which has been the greatest reason for the failure of the Cuban nation». In addition to the figure of Masferrer the book refers to other myths from the mambises, the pimp Yarini, Mella, Mañach, Guiteras, the trigger happy, Cayo Confites, Grau, Chibas, Quevedo of Bohemia, Pardo Llada and many others. A transgressor and controversial book.

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