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1. Curse of the Spellmans - Lisa Lutz

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £13.99  - Currently in stock

When private investigator Izzy Spellman is arrested for the fourth time in three months, she writes it off as an occupational hazard. She's been keeping surveillance on her new next-door neighbour, convinced he's up to no good - even if Spellman Investigations management (Izzy's parents) disagree.

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2. Cricket and Snail - Mel McIntryreMel McIntyre

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £8.50  - Currently in stock

Does slow and steady always win the race? Find out how two very different creatures try to outdo each other in a friendly contest, jumping and climbing and using their natural talents in the best way they can ... with surprising results. Suggested age range for readers: 3-7

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3. Curse of the Spellmans - Lisa Lutz

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £9.99  - Currently in stock

When Izzy Spellman, P.I., is arrested for the fourth time in three months, she writes it off as an occupational hazard. But thistime Spellman Investigations - i.e., her parents - refuse to bail Izzy out. She turns to her lawyer, Morty, for help.

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4. Charlie And Isabella's Magical Adventures - Felicity McCullough

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £23.99  - Currently in stock

This book contains a series of stories about two Angora goats that discover humans for the first time. The goats venture from their home in the Golden Berry Glen and meet Sophie and Jacob. They discover magical powers that they didn't know they had and use them to help Sophie and to delight Jacob. The goats decide to find Jacob for a second time and help him to find a fish. Much fun follows.

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5. C - Tom McCarthy

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £14.99  - Currently in stock

'C' follows the short, intense life of Serge Carrefax, a man who, as his name suggests, surges into the electric modernity of the early 20th century, transfixed by the technologies that will obliterate him.

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6. Chasing Harry Winston - Laura Weisberger

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £14.50  - Currently in stock

Three best friends. Two resolutions. One year to pull it off.

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7. CAT CAN'T READ - Kathleen Randolph

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £16.97  - Currently in stock

Cat says, "I want to be a teacher some day because when I was young. I could not read. Not being able to read made me feel bad. I wish I could find a way to make the hurt go away. I call trying to make something good out of a tough situation, making stars from scars! Instead of giving up, I would find a way to work it out."  

In her debut Children's Book, destined to become a classic, Author Kathleen Randolph tells the story of CAT to inspire kids everywhere to learn to love reading. 




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8. Circus of the Damned - Laurell K. Hamilton

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £14.99  - Currently in stock

A rogue master vampire hits town, and vampire hunter Anita Blake gets caught up in the middle of an undead turf war while falling in love with a junior high science teacher.

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9. Corpse on the Cob - Sue Ann Jaffarian

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £11.99  - Currently in stock

Trouble grows faster than a corn crop in July when Odelia reunites with her long-lost mum in a corn maze at the Autumn Fair. There's a dead body in the cornfield, and then there's her mum crouched beside the corpse with blood on her hands.

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10. Carnival of Shadows - R. J. Ellory

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £14.99  - Currently in stock

Kansas, 1959. A travelling carnival appears overnight in the small town of Seneca Falls, intriguing the townsfolk with acts of inexplicable magic and illusion. But when a man's body is discovered beneath the carousel, with no clue as to his identity, FBI Special Agent Michael Travis is sent to investigate.

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11. Care of Wooden Floors - Will Wiles

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £9.99  - Currently in stock

Oskar is the composer of a piece called Variations on Tram Timetables. Currently he is in Los Angeles, having his marriage dismantled by lawyers. He has asked an old university friend to look after his cats, and take care of his perfect, beautiful apartment. But despite leaving dozens of detailed notes, things do not go well.

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12. Cries and Whiskers - Clea Simon

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £19.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Reporter Theda Krakow is caught up in investigating the rise of a dangerous new designer drug that threatens the musicians and fans who make up the club scene she considers her second home.

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13. Crime Times Two Friday's Child & the Five Diamonds and Saturday's Child & the Sad King of Clubs - Two Flora & Shamus Large Print Myste - Rosalie Stafford

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £22.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

In Friday's Child, Flora and Shamus match wits with a maniac who is killing aged owners of Victorians on historic Brick Row. In Saturday's Child, they sort out the tangled skeins of deceit linking Ace Towing and Club King College.

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14. Cristoforo Colombo E La Pasta Al Pomodoro - Christopher Columbus and the Pasta with Tomato Sauce A Bilingual Picture Book (Italian-English Text) - Nancy Bach

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £7.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

A colorful picture book to introduce young readers to one of the best-known Italian explorers: Christopher Columbus. The fun and easy to follow story is written both in Italian and in English, so the book can be used by Italian and English language students. Included at the end of the book are: - A page with additional interesting facts - two ready-to-use activities, to help readers review the book's content Language: Italian and English Large print Ages: 5+ Volume 2 of the "Famous Italians" bilingual Series. In the same series: Volume 1: "Maria Montessori"; Volume 3: "Galileo Galilei"

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15. Cross Stitch - Amanda James

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £19.50  - Click book title for availability and further details

It should be the happiest day of her life. Despite past heartache, Sarah Yates is finally marrying her true love, John Needler. But Sarah and John can't pretend they're an ordinary couple. They're time travellers and where time travel is involved, nothing runs smoothly. Newly-wedded bliss is certainly not on the cards for Sarah as events see her travelling from the British punk era to 1950s America. And even when she returns home she can't escape the bad-tempered Veronica Ratchet. But when the past and the present collide, that's when the real problems start...

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16. Crotchet Castle (Large Print) - Thomas Love Peacock

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £11.90  - Click book title for availability and further details

This large print title is set in Tieras 16pt font as reccomended by the RNIB.

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17. Cruisin' 4 Fun! a Kid's Guide to Santa Cruz, California - Penelope Dyan

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £9.20  - Click book title for availability and further details

Santa Cruz, California is an extremely fun place to visit. There are miles of Sandy Beaches, a roller coaster that seems to go up and down and on and on forever, bicycles you can ride, a long wharf with shopping and restaurants where it only costs a buck to park for 4 hours, the wonderful Seymour Marine Discovery Center, and more--This list doesn't even include the University of California at Santa Cruz! Of course, this beach town is close to Monterey, and part of Santa Cruz faces the Monterey Bay where (in Monterey, California) you can visit the great Monterey Bay Aquarium and see sea otters. Just up in the mountains you can visit and ride the Roaring Camp Railroad where you can take a ride on train driven by an 1800's steam locomotive and see a part of the great redwood forest, which is also the subject of another Bellissima book, 'The Comeback Kids, Book 12, The Redwood Forest.' If you are noticing a theme of fun and learning at Bellissima Publishing, LLC, then you are quite correct! Written by award winning author, attorney and former teacher, Penelope Dyan, with Photographs by John D. Weigand, this book is meant strictly for kids. This book is what kids love to do and see, and about what catches the eyes of a child. Use this book in conjunction with the other Bellissima tools, such as the music video on the Bellissimavideo YouTube channel.

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18. Crying Blood An Alafair Tucker Mystery - Donis Casey

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £13.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Praise for Crying Blood... "Powerful as a blue norther sweeping across the Creek Nation...gripping." -Carolyn Hart Shaw Tucker, his brother James, and their sons go hunting in 1915. Instead of a quail, Shaw's dog, Buttercup, flushes an old boot...containing the bones of a foot. Buttercup then leads the men to a shallow grave and a skeleton with a bullet hole in the skull. That night, a pair of moccasin-clad legs brushes by Shaw's tent flap. He realizes that someone is following him. He captures a young Creek Indian boy called Crying Blood, and ties the boy up in the barn, but while he is left alone, someone thrusts a spear through Crying Blood's heart. The local law is on the killer's trail, but Shaw Tucker has a hunch.... Donis Casey is a former teacher, academic librarian, and entrepreneur. She lives in Arizona with her husband, poet Donald Koozer.

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Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £22.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

Raúl Eduardo Chao received his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University and, after a brief stint in the industry, he spent 18 years in the academic world as a tenured professor and Director of the Departments of Chemical Engineering at the Universities of Puerto Rico and Detroit. In 1986, he founded a consulting company focused on helping companies and government agencies simultaneously improve the productivity as well as quality of their services. As President of Systema, Chao has written a dozen books on management, science and history of Cuba along with publishing numerous articles in newspapers and magazines. He and his wife Olga live in Lakeland, Florida and spend long periods of time in Paris.

         This has to be more than just a nostalgic book. It presents the sad story of a people who lost their freedom because they neglected their democratic traditions. In 1933, Cuba suffered the attacks of a miserable and bloody Revolution that used violence, abuses and murders as part of its political life. Twenty-five years later, with the Castro Revolution of 1959, Cubans collected their retribution for what they had planted in 1933. The story of that experience could be a great lesson for men and women who are seduced by Marxist strategies and ideas of extreme left. But it will not be because no one learns from the mistakes of others. In 1958, Cuba was under the voracious siege of Communism... and nobody noticed.

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20. CUCALAMBÉ. DÉCIMAS CUBANAS - Juan Cristóbal Nápoles Fajardo

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: £10.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

Juan Cristobal Napoles Fajardo (Cucalambe) was born in Victoria de las Tunas in 1829 and disappeared without a trace at the age of 32. He has always been considered one of Cuba's most popular writers who made a type of poetry known as decima popular with both the rural and urban populations in Cuba. He was also a patriot who formed part of the Aguero Conspiracy in 1851. His poetry reached the Cuban soul and became a classic of Cuban literature. This edition contains an introduction by Carlos D. Carbonell Aguilar, as well as a literary analysis by the poet Luis Mario and Professor Marino Perez Duran. This annotated edition reproduces the one published (1938) by Jose Muniz Vergara, a veteran of the Cuban wars of independence and contains the best selection of the decimas of Rumores del Hormigo.

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