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Welcome to the online Large Print Bookshop, the UK's leading retailer of large print books. It's an invaluable resource for those looking to find out more about books for the visually impaired.

Nearly all of the books listed on this site are printed in 16 point font size.


Book of the Month

 The Sealwoman’s Gift - Sally Magnusson

LargeprintOur Price: £19.50  - Click book title for availability and further details

In 1627 Barbary pirates raided the coast of Iceland and abducted some 400 of its people, including 250 from a tiny island off the mainland. Among the captives sold into slavery in Algiers were the island pastor, his wife and their three children. Although the raid itself is well documented, little is known about what happened to the women and children afterwards. It was a time when women everywhere were largely silent.

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Other large print books we like


1. Seven Slash Range - Bennett Foster

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £11.99  - Currently in stock

Marshal Cody Venture had ordered every fence and every strand of barbed wire in the Arizona Territory to come down. But when the fences came down, so too would the huge cattle empire of Cody's best friend, and a savage war would result.

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2. The Lace Reader - Brunonia Barry

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £13.99  - Currently in stock

The Whitney women of Salem, Massachusetts are renowned for reading the future in the patterns of lace. But the future doesn't always bring good news - as Towner Whitney knows all too well.

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3. Another Way to Fall - Amanda Brooke

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £19.50  - Currently in stock

For three long years, Emma has battled with illness, enduring everything with bravery and always with hope. Then one day Emma is told that they’ve reached the end of the road.

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4. Undead and Unwelcome - MaryJanice Davidson

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £11.99  - Currently in stock

Betsy Taylor has problems that only a vampire queen/suburban wife could possibly understand - 50,000 angry werewolves. That's what Betsy is facing when she takes her werewolf friend Antonia's body home to Cape Cod. Because Antonia died in her service, Betsy is alive and well - and wracked with guilt.

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5. Breaking Light - Karin Altenberg

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £14.99  - Currently in stock

A mesmerising tale set in a haunted landscape, of the ways in which something once broken in two may, finally, be made whole.

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6. Perhaps She'll Die - M. K. Preston

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £14.99  - Currently in stock

Returning to her hometown to solve the mystery of her father's lynching, Chantalene must also unravel the mystery of her mother's disappearance fifteen years ago.

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7. Honeyville - Daisy Waugh

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £14.99  - Currently in stock

The town of Trinidad, Colorado was a tough place to be a woman in 1913. But it was the best place in the West to find one, if you had the cash - Honeyville, they used to call it. A murder throws Inez and Dora together – two women from opposite sides of town - in a town built for men. Against all odds, the well born girl and the high class hooker are drawn together in friendship. But this is a town that is rotten to the core, and beyond the rustling of silk skirts, the dancing and laughter, deadly unrest is building...

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8. The Devil in the Marshalsea (Large Print Edition) - Antonia Hodgson

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £29.99  - Currently in stock

Hardback supplied at Paperback price

Thrilling new historical fiction starring a scoundrel with a heart of gold and set in the darkest debtors prison in Georgian London, where people fall dead as quickly as they fall in love and no one is as they seem.

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9. Love Affairs for Grown-ups - Debby Holt

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £13.99  - Currently in stock

Cornelius Hedge finds it difficult enough to talk to people he does know let alone people he doesn't. So he's plunged into gloom when he is talked into driving the female friend of a colleague's wife through France. How on earth will he manage?

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