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Welcome to the online Large Print Bookshop, the UK's leading retailer of large print books. It's an invaluable resource for those looking to find out more about books for the visually impaired.

Nearly all of the books listed on this site are printed in 16 point font size.


Book of the Month

 The Button Box - Dilly Court

LargeprintOur Price: £20.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

The new heartwarming novel from Sunday Times bestselling author, Dilly Court.

Clara held onto the precious button, glimmering like a jewel in the dark alleyways of London’s notorious Seven Dials. She needed to save her family… but who was going to save her?

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Other large print books we like


1. The Killing: Book Two, Parts 1 - 6 - David Hewson

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £19.50  - Currently in stock

David Hewson’s highly acclaimed novelisation of BAFTA award-winning TV series The Killing, based on the original screenplay of the second series.

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2. The Monk - Matthew Lewis

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £16.50  - Currently in stock

A masterpiece of Gothic horror, The Monk plays with the conventions of the popular novels of its time, at once both shocking and satirical.

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3. The Elephant and the Twig: The Art of Positive Thinking - Geoff Thompson

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £15.99  - Currently in stock

Do you ever feel that you are tied to an immovable object & can't break free, or that you are stuck in a social & lifestyle rut & there is no alternative? This title aims to guide you through the process of breaking the negative thinking.

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4. The Heaven of Mercury - Brad Watson

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £21.99  - Currently in stock

Southern gothic mystery set in Mercury, Mississippi, a town full of desires and secrets. Reminiscent of Faulkner and a finalist for the National Book Award.

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5. Marriage and other Games - Veronica Henry

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £18.99  - Currently in stock

Charlotte Briggs is running away from her old life. After her husband is sent down for fraud, she flees to Exmoor to nurse her broken heart. In deepest Devonshire, she soon finds a group of friends with whom she can share her troubles.

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6. Stonemouth - Iain Banks

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: £19.50  - Currently in stock

After five years in exile, Stewart Gilmour is back in Stonemouth for the funeral of patriarch Joe Murston, and even though the last time Stu saw the Murstons he was running for his life, staying away might be even more dangerous than turning up. Although there’s supposed to be a temporary truce between Stewart and the town’s biggest crime family, it soon becomes clear that only Stewart is taking this promise of peace seriously.

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7. The Paris Winter - Imogen Robertson

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £19.99  - Currently in stock

Maud Heighton has come to Paris in 1909 to flee the constraints of her small English town. But while her fellow students enjoy the dazzling joys of the Belle Epoque, Maud slips into poverty. Quietly starving, and dreading another cold Paris winter, Maud takes a job as companion to young Sylvie Morel. But Sylvie has a secret: an addiction to opium.

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8. Swan - Frances Mayes

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £17.99  - Currently in stock

A bizarre crime in the small Georgian town of Swan pulls Ginger Mason home from her life in Italy: the body of her mother, Catherine, a suicide 19 years before, has been mysteriously exhumed. As the Mason children grapple with their pasts, the startling truth about Catherine's death emerges.

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9. Little Miracles - Giselle Green

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: £18.99  - Currently in stock

It should have been the perfect holiday. Julia Fearon arrives in Spain with fiance Charlie and their 18-month old son Haydn. But a day at the beach leads to a terrible tragedy, and in the chaos of a freak storm Haydn disappears.

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