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Hunger (large print)
Melvin Burgess


  • Format: Largeprint - paperback
  • Released: 2 September 2013
  • Publisher: W F Howes Ltd
  • ISBN: 9781471241178
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction Horror & ghost stories
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  • Our Price: 19.50 14.99
  • Format(mm): 240x160
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Book summary

When Beth wakes up one morning covered in dirt, she puts it down to an extreme case of sleep-walking. But when reports of a desecrated grave start to circulate, her night-time wanderings take on a sinister air.

Soon the city is being plagued by strange sightings and sudden disappearances.

Beth knows that something is changing within her.

Something that's filling her with an urgent, desperate hunger that demands to be satisfied - at any cost ...


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