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Guns of Darkness (large print)
Carter Travis Young

Guns of Darkness

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Book summary

Bitter Creek was as deserted and quiet as a cemetery. Conagher could feel eyes were watching him in the dark as he rode through. Suddenly, all hell broke loose and he became the target for a group of vigilantes so crazed for blood that they never suspected that their target was the wrong man. As he threw himself from the saddle, Owen Conagher felt something tug at his left side. Gunfire exploded all around him. He saw powder flashes off to his left and above him as well as from within the barn. He knew he had been hit. There was a stickiness at his side, at the bottom of his ribcage. His leg, at first numb, telegraphed hot flashes of pain as he drove himself across the dirt floor. He was cut-off, surrounded and caught in a crossfire. Unless he wanted to leave the barn feet first, Conagher had to think fast, act faster…


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