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What font size is the text in your books?

Nearly all of the more than 25,000 titles on our website are printed in 16 point font size which is the standard for Large Print.

If you need larger print than this you could try Read How You Want who have a selection of books produced to order up to 24 point text size.

Why are so few books published in large print?

Historically in the UK the market for large print books has been seen as a library market, and with very few publishers in the UK addressing this market, the range of titles has been very restricted both in terms of numbers, and range of subject matter.

That is about to change. Modern production methods make the publication of a large print edition at the time of original publication much more commercially viable. Expect to see a major increase in availability of large print books from some of the biggest names in publishing. To be kept informed of when these titles become available sign up for our newsletter.

Why are large print books more expensive?

There are three main reasons:

  1. Large print books are longer
  2. Large print books are more durable - most are in hardback rather than paperback
  3. Print runs are shorter for large print books inevitably resulting in higher prices.

It's a fact of life that large print editions will never compare in price with mass-market paperbacks. The price is comparable to the original published price of the hardback.Why not get together with friends to share the latest large print books amongst yourselves?

I prefer to borrow books from the library, but you list many that my library does not stock. What should I do?

No problem! Tell your librarian of the existence of the Large Print Bookshop, the most comprehensive listing of large print books in the English language. He or she will find it a useful resource, which we hope they'll make constant use of.

Recommend to your librarian that they order titles that you want to borrow, either from their normal library supplier or, for the titles that their normal supplier finds hard to source, direct from us.

I am a publisher and I want to publish large print editions of my books. How should I go about it?

One of the most cost effective ways of doing so is to prepare a large print edition as a PDF file, and lodge this with a print-on-demand printer such as Lightning Source or Antony Rowe Ltd. That way, you will only print a copy when you get an order for one, thus saving on warehousing and stockholding.

Production guidelines are fairly straightforward: 'large print' by convention usually means 16 points and above; the design should be straightforward text, probably omitting running heads; italics should be avoided; lines should be unjustified or, if justified, hyphenation should be kept to a minimum. The external appearance of the book should be close in size and appearance to the original (i.e. it should look like a conventional book), although the margins can be smaller than for conventional books.

You need to ensure that Nielsen Bookdata hold bibliographic data on your large print edition, in order for it to appear on our website. Also, make sure that you provide a jacket image. We suggest that you also inform Bowker of your large print editions. They publish a directory of large print titles in the US.

Keep us informed of your forthcoming publications so that we can give them publicity at the appropriate time.

What is a print-on-demand title?

"Print-on-demand" means that the book is only produced when you order a copy. As soon as we receive your order we send an instruction to the publisher or book printer. Manufacturing times vary but the book will normally be printed within 7 - 14 days.

We will often arrange for the book to be sent direct to you from the printer.

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