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Grizzly Killer Hell Hath No Fury (Large Print Edition) (large print)
Lane R Warenski

Grizzly Killer Hell Hath No Fury (Large Print Edition)

  • Format: Largeprint - Paperback
  • Released: 22 May 2018
  • Publisher: Wolfpack Publishing LLC
  • ISBN: 9781641193542-POD
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction Westerns
  • Availability: Usually delivered within 14 days.
  • Our Price: 17.99
  • Format(inches): 9x6
  • Format(mm): 229x152
  • Number Of Pages: 638
  • Product Weight: 924gm
  • Publisher Statement: large type edition
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Book summary

Early spring 1829 was a cold, starving time for most people in the Rocky Mountains. For Zach Connors and his family, it was the same. Known throughout the mountains as Grizzly Killer, Zach fights the worst mother-nature has to offer to find food, but then he must fight Cheyenne Warriors to bring the treasured buffalo meat back home only to find others have kidnapped his wife and her sister. 

Benny Lambert has only been in the Rockies a little over a year when others shoot his partner and steal all their furs. Benny is driven to find the renegades and make them pay for what they have done but marauding Blackfeet get in his way.

Hell Hath No Fury brings to life the story of both men and their women fighting the elements, their enemies, and coming together to bring justice to the killers, thieves, and hostile Indians that would do them harm.


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