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Westerns ‘T’ Book Titles

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1. The Bell-Ringer of Angel's and Other Stories (Large Print) - Bret Harte

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 14.90  - Click book title for availability and further details

This large print title is set in Tiresias 16pt font as recommended by the RNIB.

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2. The Baron of Coyote River (Large Print 16pt) - L. Ron Hubbard

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 16.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Lance Gordon killed his father's murderer in a fair fight, but now he's got a price on his head and has been running from the law every since. Cornered by men of the US Cavalry in Santos, Lance gets rescued by a mystery man who convinces him to join forces and go after a notorious cattle rustler up the infamous Coyote River. Even together the pair stand barely a chance of bringing the gang of thieves to account, much less dealing with the soldiers still hot on their trail. Also includes the western story """"Reign of the Gila Monster.""""

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3. The Texan Rides Alone - Lauran Paine

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: 19.50  - Click book title for availability and further details

Stormy Merrill having outdistanced the pursuit caused by the daring robbery he had committed in the town of Colville pauses on a ridge above Marais Valley. The two large ranches that comprise all the land in Marais Valley are rich and will be inherited by two single women -- daughters -- or their husbands. Stormy could gain control of one within the law by marrying Geraldine Proctor of the MVP Ranch. But Merrill also wants possession of the Big B Ranch that will be inherited by Toni Buttrick. Step by devious step in an atmosphere of passion intrigue love and hate, Stormy Merrill's grand scheme for incredible personal enrichment is about to be played out in Marais Valley.

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