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1. Heller from Texas - William Heuman

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At twenty-eight, Trev Buchman decides to return to Cannon Basin and the Box B Ranch. His father had been dead for four years now and Trev wanted to see his brother, Jim. But he'd come six weeks too late. According to stories he'd been told, Jim was trampled to death by a milling crowd of cattle. Feeling for a while now that someone was following him, Trev turned off the road to watch his back trail from the cover of some trees. His attention was diverted when he heard shots coming from the direction of old Joe Fineranís place, then saw two riders galloping past him heading towards Rawdon. Tempted to follow the riders, he decided to check on Joe first. He found Joe, who lived long enough to tell him it was Red Fogarty who shot him. Trev rode into Rawdon with the look of a hunter. He had come to kill Fogarty for killing the unarmed Joe Fineran in cold blood. When that was done, there was the matter of his brotherís ranch, of the beautiful woman who now ran it, of her lawyer who seemed a little too cozy with the new widow, and of the son of a reptile who ramrodded her crew.

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2. High Country Killers - Jere D. James

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High Country Killers, the fourth book in the Jake Silver Adventure Series, is yet another riveting, action-packed novel by Jere D. James. James once again sets his main character, U.S. Deputy Marshal Jake Silver, in the Arizona territory in 1889 in the Mogollon Rim country in northeastern Arizona. The author introduces a host of murderous, villainous men, all intent on grabbing up as much of the pristine land as they can by killing and abusing the owners. The plot thickens as Jake Silver slowly untangles the intricate web of evil. All of James' books have a historical bent, but High Country Killers is the most historical yet. References to the Hashknife, the million acre cattle ranch owned and operated by the Aztec Land and Cattle Company are plentiful, as is the use of real people who served as sheriffs or outlaws. As always, the author maintains his knack for writing a superb ending, and the final scene in High Country Killers may be his finest yet and, as Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer for MidWest Book Review said, " will have you drop your jaw in surprise. Excellent!"

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