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21. Circle It, Star Wars Facts, Word Search, Puzzle Book - Lowry Global Media LLCMark Schumacher

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 11.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

If you love Star Wars, then your just found the right book!!!

You already really like word searches, but most books are virtually the same with just lists of words. There must be something more, and now there is; in our books you can read interesting facts, the bold words within the text can be found in the puzzle on the opposite page. No more boring lists of words™.

This book contains interesting facts about Star Wars. It reads like a book and it also has page after page of word search puzzles.

Why just work through lists of words when you can discover interesting facts about Star Wars and enjoy some stimulating Circle It word search. No more boring lists of words™. The words for the Circle It word search are in bold within the text. All of the Facts series of Circle It word search books contain a wide variety of community contributed information that is useful, interesting, and fun. Get yours today.

Each "Circle It" word search book has an interesting subject, like:

    * Dog Facts

    * Cat Facts

    * Lake Fish Facts

    * World War II Facts

    * Jimmy Fallon Facts

    * Chocolate Facts

    * Muscle Car Facts

    * ...many many more (150+ titles)

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22. Cold Sake Yamabuki vs. the Undead (Large Print Edition) - Katherine M Lawrence

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 7.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

[Large print edition]

Not all vengeance is exacted by the living.

In 12th-century Japan, Yamabuki, a woman samurai 17 years old, travels deep into the Oku wilderness.

Along a lonely road, at a forgotten inn, she seeks shelter, warm food, and cold sak.

But as darkness falls, she ends up fighting for her life . . . and she finds that there are terrible things under heaven that no weapon can vanquish, and that her only way to survive is to heal that which cannot be healed.

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23. Cursed A Ghosts of Thores-Cross Short Story - Karen Perkins

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: 12.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

A skeleton is dug up at the crossing of the ways on Hanging Moor, striking dread into the heart of Old Ma Ramsgill - the elderly matriarch of the village of Thruscross. And with good reason. The eighteenth-century witch, Jennet, has been woken.

A spate of killings by a vicious black dog gives credence to her warnings and the community - in particular her family - realise they are in terrible danger.

Drastic measures are needed to contain her, but with the imminent flooding of the valley to create a new reservoir, do they have the ability to stop her and break her curse?

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24. Dalsala Den - Michael D. Griffiths

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 12.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

In a world much like our own, Matt Narrows is a young man with a steady job and a wonderful girlfriend until one night strips it all away from him. When his girlfriend, without explanation, goes from loving to laughing at him when a strange albino's men beat him senseless, his world erupts into chaos. But when her body is discovered in a dumpster the next day, his reality is torn in half.

Confused and alone, Matt takes it upon himself to hunt down her brutal slayer, but quickly discovers that this man is no ordinary serial killer, but could in fact be a threat to the entire planet. Can an alarm installer, working on his own, somehow stop the largest threat that has ever faced his country or perhaps even his world? Matt Narrows will need to become more than just a hero if he is going to have any hope of stopping the horror that is Dalsala Den.

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25. Daughter of Amun A novel of Queen Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt - Moyra Caldecott

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 20.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

The dramatic and passionate story of Hatshepsut, Queen of Egypt during the Eighteenth dynasty. Ambitious, ruthless and worldly, Hatshepsut established Amun as the chief god of Egypt, bestowing his Priesthood with unprecedented riches and power. This is a story of vision and obsession, of mighty projects and heartbreaking failures -- the story of a woman possessed by the desire for power and the need to love.

Hatshepsut: Daughter of Amun is part of Moyra Caldecott's magnificent Egyptian sequence. Don't miss Akhenaten: Son of the Sun, Tutankhamun and the Daughter of Ra and The Ghost of Akhenaten.

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26. Daughter of Ra A novel of Ankhesenamun and Tutankhamun - Moyra Caldecott

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 14.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Ankhesenamun has never been safe in all her short life -– not even with her beloved husband and half brother Tutankhamun. Daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten and the fabled Nefertiti, and married at one time to her father, she is forced to marry Tutankhamun by the powerful General Horemheb at a time of bitter political and religious division. Ankhesenamun is the delicate link between scheming factions. Left vulnerable by the failure of her plans for the sacred egg of Ra and the death of her young husband, Ankhesenamun is forced into making one last extraordinary and desperate bid for life and happiness...

Daughter of Ra is part of Moyra Caldecott's magnificent Egyptian sequence. Don't miss Daughter of Amun, Son of the Sun and The Ghost of Akhenaten.

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27. Devil's Gambit (the Vengeance Cycle) - Jhada Rogue Addams

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 15.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

When the actions of the malevolent are judged by the truly righteous, the lines are clear. When corruption stands in judgement of evil - that's when the lines begin to blur. Can a righteous Avatar fulfill her destiny when her duty is turned against her own conscience? Jilah's about to find out. What started out as a clear path of righteous duty develops a distressing new wrinkle. With the arrival of a mysterious new ally, Jilah now finds herself at uncomfortable odds with the covenant struck in brutal necessity. It may be her undoing.

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28. Dragon Flame - Mats Erik Olshammar

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: 12.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Dragon Flame is a techno thriller exploring the high-risk struggle for resource domination that is behind the new arms race of the world's superpowers. It reveals, in detail, critical technologies that will lead to world control over energy resources; technologies which actually exist now, or are already under development. In Dragon Flame, international powers meet at cross roads of energy production, nuclear science, espionage and international finance in a chilling cocktail of intrigue and deception. The consequences are devastating, and a warning to us all.

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29. Dream Finder - Roger Taylor

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 35.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

Since their leader Petran died, the Guild of Dream Finders have been timid, and their ancient craft has fallen into disrepute. Petran's son Antyr, young, grief stricken and only part trained, could not begin to fill the vacuum left by his father.

Increasingly he has become a bitter spectator, with neither the cynicism to become rich by pandering to the whims of the wealthy, nor the courage to offer them his skills honestly and without fear. His nightly visits to the alehouse have resulted in a dwindling of his customers, and the quarrels with his strange Companion have grown increasingly unpleasant.

Then mysteriously one night, Antyr is taken to Duke Ibris of the City of Serenstadt, who has been troubled by mystifying and unsettling dreams. It is the beginning of a journey that leads inexorably to a terrible confrontation with a malevolent blind man possessed of a fearful otherworldly sight, and Ivaroth, a warrior chief determined to conquer the Duke's land and all beyond...

Dream Finderis an independent novel set in the world of "The Chronicles of Hawklan".


"This is good grown-up stuff; more please." Interzone

"Big meaty fantasy." Darlington Northern Echo

"This is wonderful stuff." Brum Group News

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30. Dream World Defenders - Kathleen J. Shields

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 9.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

What would you do if you could do anything? This is the question Parker, Justin, Blake, Owen, Kaylee and Ryan ask themselves, when they arrive in the dream world. Of course they had to face their own fears first. Nightmares consisting of being chased, falling and arriving in class wearing just your underwear were keeping them all awake at night. But Ryan's mom had taught him about dreams including how to control his dreams, so helping these five was just the beginning. Once inside the dream, the ultimate challenge began. Gathering for an epic, out-of-this-world adventure, the group discovers a place that is literally impossible to wake up from.

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31. Druantia's Braids - L S Fayne

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: 28.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

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32. ЧУДОВИЩЕ - Александр Ищенко

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 5.75  - Click book title for availability and further details

Описание: Загадочный остров, ужасное чудовище, призыв на помощь, герои-американцы... Казалось бы, это начало совершенно стандартного, ничем не примечательного приключенческого произведения. Однако, углубляясь в сюжет научно-фантастического романа Чудовище: Лезвие Тьмы, читатель все более понимает, что каждое последующее событие, равно как и развязку, здесь предсказать невозможно. Ибо автор выдает истину по крупицам, предоставляя читателю самому постепенно нанизывать их на нить повествования. Роман необычен не только своим сюжетом, но и переплетением различных жанров. Это некое экзотическое блюдо из фантастических приключений с реальными научными фактами и рассуждениями, приправленное нежнейшей романтической историей и подслащенное щепоткой юмора и иронии. И наслаждение сим блюдом будет сопровождаться философскими дискуссиями автора о взаимоотношениях Природы и Человека как в современном мире, так и в недалеком будущем. Путешествие на таинственный остров посреди открытого океана, поход в кишащие жизнью джунгли, знакомство с местным племенем Сололеадас, расследование исчезновения и гибели людей на острове, охота на загадочное ящероподобное животное, романтические приключения и, наконец, рассуждения о Природе и ее взаимоотношениях с Человеком - все это ждет Вас в первом романе трилогии Чудовище Александра Ищенко под названием Чудовище: Лезвие Тьмы. Официальный сайт романа: Особенности книги: - Это первый роман из жанра научной фантастики, написанный и изданный в Молдове. - Роман является первой частью научно-фантастической трилогии Чудовище и основанием Вселенной Чудовища, которая будет развиваться в последующих книгах автора. - Для издания книги автор использовал способ краудфандинга и финансовую помощь сообщества будущих читателей.

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33. Elga Gorus - Syah Mithkon KI Rahasyagatha - Kumar Pankaj

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 17.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

A mysterious fable...etched with blazing Silver broaches on thousands of quadrate waxen strips. The beginning leaves of which were written with the tip of tongue in ancient 'Qutin' script. The book...which was lost for centuries and kept well-concealed in secret and dark places by Mystics and Fantasts. A legendary saga of dark myths of a Magnum Opus...a charismatic world of Mythical-Creatures and Mystical-Powers...buried somewhere in the hidden whisperings of Dwarves and Demons.

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34. Farnor - Roger Taylor

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 29.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

Life is good for Farnor Yarrance. It is good for everybody in the valley. And has been for generations. So much so that few ever feel the need to travel beyond it. And no one ever bothers to enter it from beyond. Until, one day, they do.

Men come from the south, haunted and pursued. And something else comes, silent and awful, from the north. With their arrival, an ancient corruption, festering slowly in the midst of the community, blossoms into a menace that threatens not only the valley but the land beyond, and the lands beyond that.

Only Farnor, scarcely a man yet, has the power to oppose this menace, though he is unaware of it. His own soul is clouded with bitterness and anger at the terrible tragedy that events now inflict on him.

Not until he is pursued into the Great Forest to the north does he gradually learn the extent of his own power. And the truly terrifying nature of the forces he must face...

Farnoris an independent novel set in the world of "The Chronicles of Hawklan". And Farnor's adventures continue in Valderen.


"hugely muscular piece of action fantasy" Dark Side

"A delightful fantasy... with a strong plot" Norwich Evening News

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35. Fireside Gothic - Andrew Taylor

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: 19.50  - Click book title for availability and further details

In Broken Voices, two schoolboys concoct a plan to discover if the eerie stories about a nearby cathedral are true. But the Cathedral is filled with hidden dangers, and curiosity can prove fatal. In The Leper House, a mans car breaks down on a stormy night. The only source of light comes from a remote cottage. He returns the next day but the cottage is nowhere to be seen. In The Scratch, Clare and Gerald live a perfect life, until their nephew comes to stay. Jack has seen active service in Afghanistan. The experience has left him outwardly untouched, but for a scratch that wont heal.

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36. Folk - Zoe Gilbert

Largeprint (paperback) Our price: 19.50  - Click book title for availability and further details

The remote island village of Neverness is a world far from our time and place. The villagers' lives are inseparable from nature and its enchantments. Verlyn Webbe, born with a wing for an arm, unfurls his feathers in defiance of past shame; Plum is snatched by a water bull and dragged to his lair; little Crab Skerry takes his first run through the gorse-maze; Madden sleepwalks through violent storms, haunted by horses and her father's wishes. As the tales of this island community interweave over the course of a generation, their earthy desires, resentments, idle gossip and painful losses create a staggeringly original world.

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37. Gathering of the Raven - L S Fayne

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: 28.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

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38. Glass Samsara - Ponchie Kanwar

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 14.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

What is the deep connect that Vani, a young widow, feels for Dr Vidur Vyas a famous neurophysician, who treats her daughter Roma after a sudden epileptic fit ? Though Vidur is a married man, their relationship seems destined . But when Vani becomes pregnant and her doctor is none other than Vidur's wife, she leaves town, urging him not to follow her . Months later she returns, to find a letter from Vidur's wife . But a compelling need for a deeper understanding of her circumstances makes her turn to a Mexican past-life-regression therapist for help . Vani sees she is born as a Rajasthani princess in the 10th century. She is inexplicably drawn to Aditya, the son of a Brahmin priest . In reliving her past life, will Vani find the answers she seeks ? In knowing the past , will it somehow help her to come to terms with her present ?

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39. Hexagon Dark Matter - Romain d'Huissier

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 14.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Black Lys. Plasma. Rakar. The Mysterious Archer. The Dark Flyer. Together they form Hexagon, the world's most powerful team of superheroes! But since the death of their leader Jeff Sullivan, the Man of Brass, they have gone from failure to failure - the mystical bond that united them is broken, their single sense of purpose seems to have disappeared. When a mysterious enemy emerges from the depths of time, determined to destroy them, Hexagon must find a replacement for Jeff who can restore their balance, but will this new member also spell their doom? The Hexagon Universe is France's oldest and most exciting comics universe, having begun in 1953, and today encompassing hundreds of characters and thousands of stories, published in a half-dozen countries. This first novel, written and adapted by two of the Tales of the Shadowmen writers, based on some of Hexagon's best-loved characters, is a perfect entry point into this thrilling and wonderful universe.

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40. Holy Paladin's Quest The Angel's Blessing: Book One - Blaine Hart

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 12.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Visalth Is Coming And The Nine Realms Are In Turmoil

On the far western outposts of Queen Anastasias’ Nine Realms, the evil bone dragon Visalth, in league with a mysterious army of brigands, is laying waste to the island strongholds. The undead horror is drawing near to the heart of the realm, leaving nothing but death and destruction in its wake. But there is cunning beyond simple magic in these onslaughts. Right before any battle begins, the wizards, mages and clerics protecting the lands suddenly disappear. Without any magical aid or assistance, there are none who can stand before the attacks of the undead dragon. So it was that on a quiet, Barnacle covered island in the midst of the Queen’s dominion, the young and beautiful witch named Wendfala was abducted. Not long afterwards, on a quiet spring morning, the veteran holy paladin named Kell and his apprentice Longo received the strangest plea for help. They had no choice but to heed the call from the imprisoned Sorceress. But before Kell and his faithful disciple can ever dare to stand before the dreaded Visalth, they must first show themselves worthy of The Angel’s Blessing.

This is The Angel’s Blessing!

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