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1. Wasp - Large Print - Eric Frank Russell

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 12.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

The war had been going on for nearly a year and the Sirian Empire had a huge advantage in personnel and equipment. Earth needed an edge. Which was where James Mowry came in. If a small insect buzzing around in a car could so distract the driver as to cause that vehicle to crash, think what havoc one properly trained operative could wreak on an unuspecting enemy. Intensively trained, his appearance surgically altered, James Mowry is landed on Jaimec, the ninety-fourth planet of the Sirian Empire. His mission is simple: sap morale, cause mayhem, tie up resources, wage a one-man war on a planet of eighty million. In short, be a wasp. First published in 1957, WASP is generally regarded as Eric Frank Russell's best novel, a witty and exciting account of a covert war in the heart of enemy territory.

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2. Next of Kin large print - Eric Frank Russell

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 12.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

81,82 new hostile worlds discovered: 83 - and then another five propulsors blew their linings simultaneously and Scout-Officer John Leeming knew he would have to make a crash landing. Soon he was a prisoner of the Zangastans - and filled with a determination to get back to Earth just as soon as possible. It took the failure of an orthodox escape attempt to make him realise that his alien life-form captors knew precious little of human nature. So unprompted corroboration from another Terran prisoner held by the Lathians, Zangasta's senior allies, that said Lathians had the Willies was good enough proof that Leeming's Eustace could be pretty dangerous. Does this baffle you? Read on!

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3. The Luckless Prince - Rie Sheridan Rose

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 15.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

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4. Operation End Game - Tony Ruggiero

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 17.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

In his final volume, award-nominated author Tony Ruggiero weaves a tale of intrigue, secrecy and choices. Commander John Reese will bring an end to the vampire saga-whatever the consequences. But to do so he must defeat the forces that are trying to control him in reality and in his dreams, before the human race as we know it is irreparably changed. In his dreams, a trial convenes as Reese is accused of crimes against humanity and faces his old enemies... In his waking world, the Agency wants to use Reese to capture additional vampires as Reese continues to hide the truth about the Team of Darkness vampire deaths. Unbeknownst to Reese, The Agency has fallen under the purview of a private organization that can even pull strings in the highest and most covert organizations. Their involvement could change the destiny for all humanity. Being pulled in so many directions over the years, Reese's sanity is fragile. He has debated giving up his humanity and he has sacrificed much to understand the enigmatic life of the vampire. But even he has had enough. Reese vows that finally there will be a resolution to it all. Yet he realizes that there is only one letter that stands between the two distinctly different meanings of the words resolution and revolution. And that one letter is a V.

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