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1. Druantia's Braids - L S Fayne

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: 」28.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

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2. Danger in the Dark (Large Print 16pt) - L. Ron Hubbard

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」16.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

After Billy Newman strikes gold while mining in the Philippines, he believes Lady Luck favors him so much that he buys his own South Seas island for a bargain price . . . or so he thinks.But when the natives fall ill from plague and crops start failing, the tribal chiefs blame Billy for angering the local god Tadamona. Their solution: sacrifice a beautiful young girl before the 75-foot god. Appalled, Billy argues to stop the ritual, but the chiefs demand he cure their ills in just one day or allow the killing to go forward. Desperate, he denies that the deity even exists and dares Tadamona to show himself. Not only does Billy get his wish, he draws a beastly wrath upon the entire island.ALSO INCLUDES THE FANTASY STORIES "THE ROOM" AND "HE DIDN'T LIKE CATS"

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3. Dragon Flame - Mats Erik Olshammar

Largeprint (Hardback) Our price: 」12.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Dragon Flame is a techno thriller exploring the high-risk struggle for resource domination that is behind the new arms race of the world's superpowers. It reveals, in detail, critical technologies that will lead to world control over energy resources; technologies which actually exist now, or are already under development. In Dragon Flame, international powers meet at cross roads of energy production, nuclear science, espionage and international finance in a chilling cocktail of intrigue and deception. The consequences are devastating, and a warning to us all.

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4. Devil's Gambit (the Vengeance Cycle) - Jhada Rogue Addams

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」15.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

When the actions of the malevolent are judged by the truly righteous, the lines are clear. When corruption stands in judgement of evil - that's when the lines begin to blur. Can a righteous Avatar fulfill her destiny when her duty is turned against her own conscience? Jilah's about to find out. What started out as a clear path of righteous duty develops a distressing new wrinkle. With the arrival of a mysterious new ally, Jilah now finds herself at uncomfortable odds with the covenant struck in brutal necessity. It may be her undoing.

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5. Dalsala Den - Michael D. Griffiths

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」12.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

In a world much like our own, Matt Narrows is a young man with a steady job and a wonderful girlfriend until one night strips it all away from him. When his girlfriend, without explanation, goes from loving to laughing at him when a strange albino's men beat him senseless, his world erupts into chaos. But when her body is discovered in a dumpster the next day, his reality is torn in half.

Confused and alone, Matt takes it upon himself to hunt down her brutal slayer, but quickly discovers that this man is no ordinary serial killer, but could in fact be a threat to the entire planet. Can an alarm installer, working on his own, somehow stop the largest threat that has ever faced his country or perhaps even his world? Matt Narrows will need to become more than just a hero if he is going to have any hope of stopping the horror that is Dalsala Den.

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6. ミァミ」ミ頒榧漬侑ゥミ - ミ籍サミオミコムミーミスミエム ミ佯禍オミスミコミセ

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」5.75  - Click book title for availability and further details

ミ榧ソミクムミーミスミクミオ: ミ厘ーミウミーミエミセムミスム巾ケ ミセムムびミセミイ, ムσカミームミスミセミオ ムムσエミセミイミクム禍オ, ミソムミクミキム巾イ ミスミー ミソミセミシミセム禾, ミウミオムミセミク-ミーミシミオムミクミコミーミスムム... ミ墟ーミキミーミサミセムム ミアム, ム采ひセ ミスミームミーミサミセ ムミセミイミオムム威オミスミスミセ ムムひーミスミエミームムひスミセミウミセ, ミスミクムミオミシ ミスミオ ミソムミクミシミオムミームひオミサム糊スミセミウミセ ミソムミクミコミサム紗ミオミスムミオムミコミセミウミセ ミソムミセミクミキミイミオミエミオミスミクム. ミ榧エミスミーミコミセ, ムσウミサムσアミサム肖肖ム ミイ ムム社カミオム ミスミームτミスミセ-ムミーミスムひームムひクムミオムミコミセミウミセ ムミセミシミーミスミー ミァムσエミセミイミクム禍オ: ミ嶢オミキミイミクミオ ミ「ム糊シム, ムミクムひームひオミサム ミイムミオ ミアミセミサミオミオ ミソミセミスミクミシミーミオム, ムムひセ ミコミーミカミエミセミオ ミソミセムミサミオミエムτ紗禍オミオ ムミセミアム錦ひクミオ, ムミーミイミスミセ ミコミーミコ ミク ムミーミキミイム紹キミコム, ミキミエミオムム ミソムミオミエムミコミーミキミームび ミスミオミイミセミキミシミセミカミスミセ. ミ侑アミセ ミーミイムひセム ミイム巾エミーミオム ミクムムひクミスム ミソミセ ミコムムσソミクムミーミシ, ミソムミオミエミセムムひーミイミサム肖 ムミクムひームひオミサム ムミーミシミセミシム ミソミセムムひオミソミオミスミスミセ ミスミーミスミクミキム巾イミームび ミクム ミスミー ミスミクムび ミソミセミイミオムムひイミセミイミーミスミクム. ミミセミシミーミス ミスミオミセミアム錦ミオミス ミスミオ ムひセミサム糊コミセ ムミイミセミクミシ ムム社カミオムひセミシ, ミスミセ ミク ミソミオムミオミソミサミオムひオミスミクミオミシ ムミーミキミサミクムミスム錦 ミカミーミスムミセミイ. ミュムひセ ミスミオミコミセミオ ム災コミキミセムひクムミオムミコミセミオ ミアミサム社エミセ ミクミキ ムミーミスムひームムひクムミオムミコミクム ミソムミクミコミサム紗ミオミスミクミケ ム ムミオミーミサム糊スム巾シミク ミスミームτミスム巾シミク ムミーミコムひーミシミク ミク ムミームムムσカミエミオミスミクム紹シミク, ミソムミクミソムミーミイミサミオミスミスミセミオ ミスミオミカミスミオミケム威オミケ ムミセミシミーミスムひクムミオムミコミセミケ ミクムムひセムミクミオミケ ミク ミソミセミエムミサミーム禍オミスミスミセミオ ム禍オミソミセムひコミセミケ ム社シミセムミー ミク ミクムミセミスミクミク. ミ ミスミームミサミーミカミエミオミスミクミオ ムミクミシ ミアミサム社エミセミシ ミアムσエミオム ムミセミソムミセミイミセミカミエミームび袴ム ムミクミサミセムミセムムミコミクミシミク ミエミクムミコムτムミクム紹シミク ミーミイムひセムミー ミセ ミイミキミーミクミシミセミセムひスミセム威オミスミクム肖 ミ湲ミクムミセミエム ミク ミァミオミサミセミイミオミコミー ミコミーミコ ミイ ムミセミイムミオミシミオミスミスミセミシ ミシミクムミオ, ムひーミコ ミク ミイ ミスミオミエミーミサミオミコミセミシ ミアムσエムτ禍オミシ. ミ湲τひオム威オムムひイミクミオ ミスミー ムひーミクミスムムひイミオミスミスム巾ケ ミセムムびミセミイ ミソミセムムミオミエミク ミセムひコムム錦ひセミウミセ ミセミコミオミーミスミー, ミソミセムミセミエ ミイ ミコミクム威ーム禍クミオ ミカミクミキミスム袴 ミエミカムσスミウミサミク, ミキミスミーミコミセミシムムひイミセ ム ミシミオムムひスム巾シ ミソミサミオミシミオミスミオミシ ミ。ミセミサミセミサミオミーミエミーム, ムミームムミサミオミエミセミイミーミスミクミオ ミクムムミオミキミスミセミイミオミスミクム ミク ミウミクミアミオミサミク ミサム社エミオミケ ミスミー ミセムムびミセミイミオ, ミセムミセムひー ミスミー ミキミーミウミーミエミセムミスミセミオ ム肖禍オムミセミソミセミエミセミアミスミセミオ ミカミクミイミセムひスミセミオ, ムミセミシミーミスムひクムミオムミコミクミオ ミソムミクミコミサム紗ミオミスミクム ミク, ミスミーミコミセミスミオム, ムミームムムσカミエミオミスミクム ミセ ミ湲ミクムミセミエミオ ミク ミオミオ ミイミキミーミクミシミセミセムひスミセム威オミスミクム肖 ム ミァミオミサミセミイミオミコミセミシ - ミイムミオ ム采ひセ ミカミエミオム ミ漬ーム ミイ ミソミオムミイミセミシ ムミセミシミーミスミオ ムびミクミサミセミウミクミク ミァムσエミセミイミクム禍オ ミ籍サミオミコムミーミスミエムミー ミ佯禍オミスミコミセ ミソミセミエ ミスミーミキミイミーミスミクミオミシ ミァムσエミセミイミクム禍オ: ミ嶢オミキミイミクミオ ミ「ム糊シム. ミ樮ミクムミクミーミサム糊スム巾ケ ムミーミケム ムミセミシミーミスミー: ミ樮ミセミアミオミスミスミセムムひク ミコミスミクミウミク: - ミュムひセ ミソミオムミイム巾ケ ムミセミシミーミス ミクミキ ミカミーミスムミー ミスミームτミスミセミケ ムミーミスムひームムひクミコミク, ミスミーミソミクムミーミスミスム巾ケ ミク ミクミキミエミーミスミスム巾ケ ミイ ミ慴セミサミエミセミイミオ. - ミミセミシミーミス ム紹イミサム紹オムびム ミソミオムミイミセミケ ムミームムび袴 ミスミームτミスミセ-ムミーミスムひームムひクムミオムミコミセミケ ムびミクミサミセミウミクミク ミァムσエミセミイミクム禍オ ミク ミセムミスミセミイミーミスミクミオミシ ミ柘ミオミサミオミスミスミセミケ ミァムσエミセミイミクム禍ー, ミコミセムひセムミーム ミアムσエミオム ムミーミキミイミクミイミームび袴ム ミイ ミソミセムミサミオミエムτ紗禍クム ミコミスミクミウミーム ミーミイムひセムミー. - ミ頒サム ミクミキミエミーミスミクム ミコミスミクミウミク ミーミイムひセム ミクムミソミセミサム糊キミセミイミーミサ ムミソミセムミセミア ミコムミームσエムミーミスミエミクミスミウミー ミク ムミクミスミーミスムミセミイムτ ミソミセミシミセム禾 ムミセミセミアム禍オムムひイミー ミアムσエムτ禍クム ムミクムひームひオミサミオミケ.

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7. Dream World Defenders - Kathleen J. Shields

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」9.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

What would you do if you could do anything? This is the question Parker, Justin, Blake, Owen, Kaylee and Ryan ask themselves, when they arrive in the dream world. Of course they had to face their own fears first. Nightmares consisting of being chased, falling and arriving in class wearing just your underwear were keeping them all awake at night. But Ryan's mom had taught him about dreams including how to control his dreams, so helping these five was just the beginning. Once inside the dream, the ultimate challenge began. Gathering for an epic, out-of-this-world adventure, the group discovers a place that is literally impossible to wake up from.

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8. Daughter of Ra A novel of Ankhesenamun and Tutankhamun - Moyra Caldecott

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」14.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Ankhesenamun has never been safe in all her short life -– not even with her beloved husband and half brother Tutankhamun. Daughter of Pharaoh Akhenaten and the fabled Nefertiti, and married at one time to her father, she is forced to marry Tutankhamun by the powerful General Horemheb at a time of bitter political and religious division. Ankhesenamun is the delicate link between scheming factions. Left vulnerable by the failure of her plans for the sacred egg of Ra and the death of her young husband, Ankhesenamun is forced into making one last extraordinary and desperate bid for life and happiness...

Daughter of Ra is part of Moyra Caldecott's magnificent Egyptian sequence. Don't miss Daughter of Amun, Son of the Sun and The Ghost of Akhenaten.

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9. Dream Finder - Roger Taylor

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」35.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

Since their leader Petran died, the Guild of Dream Finders have been timid, and their ancient craft has fallen into disrepute. Petran's son Antyr, young, grief stricken and only part trained, could not begin to fill the vacuum left by his father.

Increasingly he has become a bitter spectator, with neither the cynicism to become rich by pandering to the whims of the wealthy, nor the courage to offer them his skills honestly and without fear. His nightly visits to the alehouse have resulted in a dwindling of his customers, and the quarrels with his strange Companion have grown increasingly unpleasant.

Then mysteriously one night, Antyr is taken to Duke Ibris of the City of Serenstadt, who has been troubled by mystifying and unsettling dreams. It is the beginning of a journey that leads inexorably to a terrible confrontation with a malevolent blind man possessed of a fearful otherworldly sight, and Ivaroth, a warrior chief determined to conquer the Duke's land and all beyond...

Dream Finderis an independent novel set in the world of "The Chronicles of Hawklan".


"This is good grown-up stuff; more please." Interzone

"Big meaty fantasy." Darlington Northern Echo

"This is wonderful stuff." Brum Group News

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10. Daughter of Amun A novel of Queen Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt - Moyra Caldecott

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」20.00  - Click book title for availability and further details

The dramatic and passionate story of Hatshepsut, Queen of Egypt during the Eighteenth dynasty. Ambitious, ruthless and worldly, Hatshepsut established Amun as the chief god of Egypt, bestowing his Priesthood with unprecedented riches and power. This is a story of vision and obsession, of mighty projects and heartbreaking failures -- the story of a woman possessed by the desire for power and the need to love.

Hatshepsut: Daughter of Amun is part of Moyra Caldecott's magnificent Egyptian sequence. Don't miss Akhenaten: Son of the Sun, Tutankhamun and the Daughter of Ra and The Ghost of Akhenaten.

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11. Dream Cave Large Print - Susan Holliday

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」9.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Fantasy adventure, 9-12 age group, printed in Large Print. When Juniper's disobedience puts himself and his friend Oak in terrible danger, their friendship is tested to the limits. 'Juniper dragged himself painfully across the scrubby grass. When he could no longer crawl he lay down. Sweat trickled from his body and his broken leg ached. It was icy, much colder than in the valley. soon Sungod would be up, and he remembered what old Hornbeam had said to him when he was very small. It was as if the old wise man was beside him, whispering in his ear: 'If your father exiles you for making marks you must follow Sungod along the unknown river. You must find your other family'.' Juniper has always been one to ask questions, to take risks. And he has always made marks - in sand at the water's edge, in mud after rain, or with pieces of stick and stone. He cannot stop himself, though he knows it is strictly forbidden. 'I can't help it' he tells his friend, Oak. It is his disobedience which puts both Juniper and Oak in terrible danger, and tests their friendship to the limits.

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12. Death Quest Mission Earth: The Biggest Science Fiction Dekalogy Ever Written (Large Print 16pt) - L. Ron Hubbard

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 」16.99  - Click book title for availability and further details

Action filled intergalactic espionage. Alien assassin Soltan Gris will stop at nothing to destroy Fleet Officer Jettero Heller and sabotage his mission to save Earth from drowning in its own environmental problems, while, at the same time, he's forced to play husband to two wives and keep up with a teenage nymphomaniac. To add to his troubles, Heller has unearthed the long - lost son of Delbert John Rockecenter on a pig farm! A rip - roaring motorboat chase tops off this sixth action - filled installment of intergalactic espionage. '' - paced and thoroughly enjoyable.'' - Seattle Post - Intelligencer

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