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1. The Harvest - Large Type - John David Krygelski

Largeprint (Paperback) Our price: 23.95  - Click book title for availability and further details

Doctor Reese Johnson, a professor of psychology and anthropology, who specializes in theology and religion, is brought in to interview a stranger who claims to be God. Unsure what to expect, Reese is immediately surprised by the profound and insightful answers that the stranger provides him. He also witnesses something that might be a miracle. It is at this time Johnson discovers that the stranger prefers to be called Elohim. Being a religious scholar, Reese already knows that this name, in Hebrew, is the word for God. But he also knows that in some ancient cultures, it was used to describe the cadre of angels from whom Lucifer descended. In some, it was even used as the term for a group of aliens from another planet who came to colonize the Earth. Reese is now faced with the choice that the stranger is either God, the devil, or an alien from another planet. Other experts are brought in to talk to Elohim and, as a result, word leaks out to the press, who announce prematurely that God is on Earth. People and governments react strongly to the news, and it is during this turmoil that Elohim reveals what he has come to do. It is a plan that will affect all of humanity, and the timetable is only five days. Reese is now in a race against the clock as he attempts to determine whether Elohim's plan will be a wonderful event for mankind, or something truly horrifying. Events and characters lead to a surprising and monumental climax that will answer all of your questions and leave you breathless.

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