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Fan-Tan (large print)
Marlon Brando, Donald Cammell


  • Format: Largeprint - Hardback
  • Released: 2006
  • Publisher: AudioGO Limited
  • ISBN: 9781405613187
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction General & literary
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  • Author Biography: Marlon Brando was one of the biggest Hollywood stars of his generation, an international film idol and star of classic films from On The Waterfront and Last Tango in Paris to The Godfather and Apocalypse Now. Cult screenwriter and director Donald Cammell wrote Nic Roeg's Performance and directed the SF classic Wild Seed, among other films.
  • Format(inches): 9x6
  • Format(mm): 225x145
  • Product Weight: 561gm
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Book summary

Anatole 'Annie' Doultry is in his early 50s, a man of imposing physical presence and a reputation on the high seas from the Philippines to Shanghai. In 1927, he is serving six months in a hellish Hong Kong prison when, on a whim, he saves the life of a Chinese prisoner. The prisoner's employer happens to be Madame Lai Choi San: beautiful, ruthless and shrewd, she is one of the most notorious gangsters in Asia. When Annie gets out of prison, she thanks him with an offer of inconceivable wealth if he will join her in the biggest act of piracy of her career. Madame Lai is a seductive and powerful ally, but Annie is about to discover that she can be an even more powerful-and dangerous-enemy. With his longtime collaborator, screenwriter and director Donald Cammell, Brando worked on this story for years. The result is a rollicking, swashbuckling delectable romp of a novel - the last surprise from an ever-surprising legend.


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