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Fall From Grace (large print)
Danielle Steel

Fall From Grace

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Book summary

You find strength when you're at your weakest . . .

When Sydneyís husband dies, she is dealt a devastating blow. He never wrote her into his will, so she is forced to leave the beautiful home they shared and is left with nothing. On a flight from Paris to New York, an emergency landing forces her into the arms of Paul Zeller. The pair bond over a shared love of fashion, and before long he offers Sydney a chance to return to the industry she loves. But her daughters are less than impressed by their motherís mysterious new acquaintance.

Offered a job at Paulís high-street clothing chain, Sydney thinks her luck has turned. But when a scandal hits the company, itís Sydney who is in the firing line.

Humiliated, publicly shamed and destitute, she hits rock bottom. There are two choices: give up or start over. With the unwavering support of her daughters and the assistance of an unlikely business partner, Sydney discovers that her greatest adventure might still be to come.

Fall From Grace is an inspirational Mother's Day story about relying on the support of family in times of trouble, by the world's favourite storyteller, Danielle Steel.


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