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The Patricia Duncker books on this page are Modern & Contemporary Fiction only. You may wish to view all Patricia Duncker large print books.

Large print Modern & Contemporary Fiction by Patricia Duncker

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1. Sophie and the Sibyl: A Victorian Romance - Patricia Duncker

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Berlin, September 1872: The Duncker brothers, Max and Wolfgang, own a thriving publishing business. Irresponsible Max is as fond of gambling and brothels, whereas the older, wiser, Wolfgang is making the profit. When Max's bad habits get out of hand, Wolfgang sends him to the town of Homburg, to dance attendance upon a celebrity author - the enigmatic Sibyl, also known as George Eliot - she soon has Max bewitched. Yet Wolfgang has an ulterior motive: for his brother to consider wealthy Sophie von Hahn as a potential wife. Both women have Max in thrall - one with her youth and passion, the other with her wisdom and fierce intelligence.

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