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1. the end oftimes - kevin kishan Bedacee

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angel verses demons.. a survival for mankind... Having disclosed the mystery of time and the space, the aliens annihilate the world where the progenitaurs lived,a race of creatures of unfathomable powers in the guise of fallen angels who could not be defeated by mere weapons.As a sign of their supremacy,a female progenitaur is held captive for a definite purpose in a sanctuary in Elyus. But Elyus is also the abode of a malefic clan of aliens who need the blood of a mortal to resuscitate a demon who wants to reign supreme throughout the universe. Humankind is at the dawn of an unprecedented war.Traveling to the origin, a place where no mortal has ever set foot, and helped by an angel, one man will rise to the task, only to realize he is the one whose blood was used to resurrect the demon.

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