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1. Graham Norton Laid Bare (Large Print 16pt) - Alison Bowyer

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Since being spotted on Channel 5, Graham Norton's career has gone from strength to strength. His unique blend of camp comedy, cosy chattiness, and brilliant bitchiness has earned Graham a place in the nation's hearts. Warm and witty with a wicked sense of humour, Graham Norton can attract just about any of the big names onto his show for a natter and a laugh. Yet not too much is known about his private life, and so biographer and journalist Alison Bowyer travelled to his native Ireland, where she talked to friends and relatives to discover more. Packed with revealing interviews with friends, lovers and associates and fully up - to - date, ''Graham Norton - Laid Bare'' is a fascinating picture of this irrepressibly likeable man.

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2. Liz Hurley Uncovered (Large Print 16pt) - Alison Bowyer

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From 'That Dress' to the very public wrangle over the paternity of her baby son, Elizabeth Hurley is now an international star and modern day icon, whose glamorous lifestyle is a source of endless fascination to the public. A skilled self - publicist, she has risen from being seen as arm candy from Basingstoke to being hot property in her own right, and is now a household name on both sides of the Atlantic. The wealthy 38 - year - old actress and former Estee Lauder model is now a single mum who continues to run her own film company with ex - partner Hugh Grant. Liz Hurley Uncovered charts her extraordinary rise to the top of the show business elite for the first time.

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3. Delia Smith The Biography (Large Print 16pt) - Alison Bowyer

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Delia Smith is more than just a cook, she has become a national icon with a loyal following of fans and a business empire worth millions. Delia Smith's career spans three decades. Whatever Delia says goes. Such is her influence, sales of products recommended by Delia soar. She single - handedly brought about The Great Cranberry Crisis of 1995 when her fans cleared supermarket shelves of the fruit and a previously small - time saucepan manufacturer saw its turnover soar with a mention of their omelette pan. Companies have been saved by a single recommendation by Delia. But what of the woman behind the ingredients? This book tells the extraordinary story of her life, from leaving school without a single qualification to becoming the undisputed queen of the kitchen. Drawing upon interviews with friends and colleagues, this biography shows that life has not always been easy for Delia. The author reveals the heartache that threatened to destroy her family and how religion helped her to cope with the crisis. Delia - The Biography examines the enormous effect that Delia Smith has exerted over generations of food lovers. It analyses the often - traumatic experiences that have shaped her huge ambition and reveals how her iron will ensures that she remains one step ahead of her rivals.

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