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Papatia Feauxzar


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From Book 1:Aïda Mubarak is a mistress of 'spices.' Also a foodie and a recent newlywed , she reunites with her friend Nellie at a coffee shop terrace to catch up on old times. Will Aïda Mubarak spill the beans on her private affairs to satisfy the curiosity of her long time lost friend? Read to find out! From Book 2: Nilüfer Teecher is on a cusp of getting her Bachelor and Master in Accounting in a combined program when she finds herself married to Abdul Jameel Saree. For him, she would do anything! Their love is the butterfly type but with a twist; the grave love kind. Along the way, she meets Nasir Azhari that leaves her off with mixed encounters and emotions. Will her psychiatrist, Raj Patel, help her put the pieces of her life back together? From Book 3: Aïda Mubarak is a also a Mistress of tricks. She hides a deep secret that Mussa isn't aware of. Will this poppy be caught the hand in the bag? Read to find out!


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