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Blind Trust (large print)
Red Szell

Blind Trust

  • Format: Largeprint - Paperback
  • Released: 9 July 2011
  • Publisher: Indepenpress Publishing Ltd
  • ISBN: 9781780032047
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction Adventure & thriller
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  • Our Price: 12.99
  • Format(inches): 9x6
  • Format(mm): 234x156
  • Number Of Pages: 404
  • Product Weight: 565gm
  • Publisher Statement: Large type edition
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Book summary

Retinitis Pigmentosa (or RP) is a degenerative eye disease in which damage to the retina leads to progressive visual loss. On the surface, this is the only blot on house-husband, Joe Wynde's otherwise charmed life. Successful wife, two beautiful daughters, big house in one of London's most affluent postcodes. But appearances, as we know, can be deceptive. Behind the immaculately painted closed doors of leafy Hampstead, self-loathing, marital discord and shady business operations abound. Ghosts from the past can be difficult to forget, especially when one of them lives opposite and was the unrequited love of your life. Miranda is the first to spot the anomalies in their mutual friends' apparent suicides. Making the connections and confiding her suspicions in Joe, she doesn't believe in coincidence and is determined to uncover what really happened. Why does the name Polish&Check regularly turn up in each case? But then, Miranda also dies suddenly - another suicide. Or so the police say. It's left to Joe to see through the smokescreens and piece together the clues, both to clear his friend's name and stop this before someone else dies.But taking over from where Miranda left off brings the danger frighteningly close to home. Will Joe be able to convince his friends and the police before he too is silenced?


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