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Blackwater (large print)
James Henry


  • Format: Largeprint
  • Released: 1 February 2018
  • Publisher: Magna Large Print Books
  • ISBN: 9780750544986
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction Adventure & thriller
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  • Our Price: 20.99
  • Number Of Pages: 456
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Book summary

The new Essex-based crime series from the best-selling author of the DI Jack Frost prequels.

January 1983, Colchester CID

A new year brings new resolutions for Detective Inspector Nicholas Lowry. With one eye on his approaching 40th birthday, he has given up his two greatest vices: smoking and the police boxing team. As a result the largest remaining threat to his health is now his junior colleague's reckless driving.

If Detective Constable Daniel Kenton's orange sports convertible is symbolic of his fast track through the ranks, then his accompanying swagger, foppish hairstyle and university education only augment his uniqueness in the department. Yet regardless of this, it is not DC Kenton who is turning station heads.

WPC Jane Gabriel is the newest police recruit in Britain's oldest recorded town. Despite a familial tie to top brass, Gabriel's striking beauty and profound youth have landed her with two obstacles: a young male colleague who gives her too much attention and an older one who acts like she's not there.


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