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1. Be the Hero Three Powerful Ways to Overcome Challenges in Work and Life - Noah Blumenthal

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A victim mentality is rampant in organizations today. My boss is a jerk. This is a dead-end job. I can't change anything here. The result is lost productivity, lack of creativity, departmental in-fighting - a toxic atmosphere. But nobody has to be a victim. The truth is people make themselves victims. It's just an interpretation of reality, a story they tell themselves. People can choose a different story. They can stop seeing themselves as helpless victims and instead discover how to put themselves in charge. Anyone can choose to Be the Hero. Appropriately enough, executive coach and corporate speaker Noah Blumenthal uses a story - of Jeff, a young executive facing what seem to him insurmountable challenges - to show readers how to gain greater success and satisfaction in their lives by transforming the ways they view others, their own situation, and themselves. And he includes a plethora of practical resources that will teach readers how to consistently shift their perspective from victim to hero.This is not seeing the world through rose-colored glasses - but it is seeing through a new lens. One that helps us look beneath the superficial surface of our unhappiness to discover why people act in ways that frustrate us and do something about it. That finds sources of strength in our lives, even in the toughest circumstances. And that gives us the power to change.Victim stories limit us, sap our energy, stifle and frustrate us. Hero stories open up new possibilities, spur us to action. In Be the Hero, Noah Blumenthal offers a universally accessible technique for overcoming inertia and despair and becoming consistently positive, productive, and happy, at home and on the job.

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2. You're Addicted to You Why It's So Hard to Change and What You Can Do about It (Large Print 16pt) - Noah Blumenthal

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You may have a specific change in mind, or perhaps you know that you wish to improve yourself in some way but haven't yet figured out exactly what that improvement is. In either case, this book can help you make any change you want to make. You can use it on its own or to help you implement something you learned in another book. If you don't already know what you want to change, it will help you identify that. Then it will give you the key to answering the question of how to make that change. In the following pages you will find answers to three main questions What is a self-addiction? What are some of your self-addictions? How do you conquer these behaviors? The strategies that are proposed in this book for how to conquer these behaviors are broken down into three parts: Raising Awareness, Building Support, and Taking Action.

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3. You're Addicted to You Why It's So Hard to Change - And What You Can Do about It (Large Print 16pt) - Noah Blumenthal

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Why are so many of our attempts to change unsuccessful? It's not a lack of willpower. The problem is that we try to adopt new, more positive behaviors without first breaking the hold that the old negative behaviors have on us. We can't simply turn these negative behaviors off; in fact, their hold is so strong that, as Blumenthal shows, they have become a part of us. In a very real sense, we're addicted to ou rselves. But self - addiction can be broken. In ''You're Addicted to You,'' Blumenthal outlines his proven ''Circles of Strength'' approach, a three - stage strategy to help readers conquer damaging behaviors like anger, workaholism, risk aversion, negativity & any bad habit. He offers tools, techniques, and exercises for increasing our awareness of our self - addictions and controlling their impact on ourselves and others. He shows how to make personal and professional changes that actually last. Everyone knows what they want to change; Blumenthal show s readers exactly how to actually do it.

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