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1. Formula 2+2 The Simple Solution for Successful Coaching (Large Print 16pt) - Dwight W. Allen, Douglas Allen

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The latest volume in Berrett-Koehler's Ken Blanchard Series.
Includes a foreword by Ken Blanchard, an introduction by Bill Cosby, and a mid-book message from lunar astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
Offers managers a simple system that will increase their effectiveness and improve employee morale and productivity.
Written in the accessible and compelling Blanchard storytelling style.
In today's fast-paced and rapidly changing business environment, frequent feedback and ''course correction'' is absolutely vital. But about the only time most managers offer employees feedback is during scheduled (and generally infrequent) performance appraisals, which tend to be stiff, formal, and-whether intentionally or not-adversarial, and therefore ineffective.
Formula 2+2 offers a simple yet powerful approach to revolutionizing feedback conversations. It details the five secrets of effective feedback: making it timely, balanced between compliments and critiques, focused on high priority areas, supported with specific examples, and reinforced with appropriate follow-up.
The book tracks the transformation of Pauline, a strong but traditional leader whose attempts at coaching and feedback are failing miserably. An old friend introduces her to Formula 2+2 and walks her through the five secrets of effectively implementing 2+2 feedback. Pauline discovers that providing feedback is not a necessary evil, but can become a welcome part of the manager's job.
Formula 2+2 shows how to foster a culture of continuous feedback which increases the effectiveness of the manager, protects the spirit and dignity of employees, and provides a systematic approach to reinforcing and improving employee performance.

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