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Adam (large print)
Penelope Dyan


  • Format: Largeprint - Paperback
  • Released: 5 May 2011
  • Publisher: Bellissima Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781935630944-POD
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction Children
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  • Our Price: 9.20
  • Format(inches): 8x8
  • Format(mm): 216x216
  • Number Of Pages: 34
  • Product Weight: 82gm
  • Publisher Statement: large type edition
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Book summary

Who was the very first man on earth? Why, it was Adam, of course! And Adam was created out of nothing but dust and lived in a wonderful garden called Eden. What do you think Eden was like? Can you draw a picture of what you think it might have been like? Well, this is exactly what award winning writer, former teacher, attorney and poet Penelope Dyan did! She drew a whole bunch of pictures about what she thought (in her head) Eden was like! Adam was lonely, and do you know why? He had lots of animals in the garden of Eden, and he gave them all names, and they were very nice animals; but he wanted something more. Find out what God did for Adam next, just because Adam was alone and sad. Read this book and experience the love of God through this faith based book, and imagine what it was like when the earth was first created. Follow the new faith based line of books created by this award winning writer and poet and laugh and learn and practice some of your reading skills as you recognize a cast of familiar Dyan characters. Most of all, please remember this: God is love, and you can't go wrong with love!


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