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About us

The Large Print Bookshop is dedicated to serving the needs of those who, for whatever reason, cannot read conventional print books, or who simply prefer to read a larger typeface.

We sell only large print books.

The largest database available

Traditionally, large print books have been hard to find, and even harder to buy. If you search or browse our list of available titles you will find the largest database of large print books available in the English language. We include titles available in the UK and the (many more) titles available in the USA.

Creating a market place

Our aim is to create, for the first time, a market place for large print titles. You cannot find these books in your local bookshop and they can be hard to find on other websites. Before now the data of what is available has simply not existed in one place.

Encouraging publishers

In creating this new marketplace we want to encourage all publishers, whether publishing fiction, non-fiction, academic books, gardening or cooking, to think of producing a simultaneous large print edition at the time of original publication. By doing so they will have access to a potential market that comprises at least another 5% of the population.

We want the range of titles available in large print to be as diverse as publishing itself, and include everything from Open University set books to Richard & Judy recommended books. Also, we want books to remain in print, so that the visually impaired can join reading groups and participate in the discussion on, say, Birdsong or Captain Corelli's Mandolin, neither of which are currently available in large print.

The Royal National Institute of the Blind estimates there are 2 million people, adults and children, who are unable to read conventional print because of visual impairment, and an additional 1 million who have some form of reading disability. These figures do not include the large number of adults in the UK who have a low reading age, and who would find large print an aid to comprehension, and who can enjoy audiobooks.

Professional membership

The Large Print Bookshop is a member of the Booksellers Association and the Independent Publishers Guild. In July 2005 Large Print Bookshop won a Saga Magazine Business Boffins Award.

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