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A War of Flowers (large print)
Jane Thynne

A War of Flowers

  • Format: Largeprint - Hardback
  • Released: 1 March 2016
  • Publisher: Magna Large Print Books
  • ISBN: 9780750542128
  • Category: Large Print Books Fiction Sagas
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  • Our Price: 20.99
  • Number Of Pages: 548
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Book summary

August, 1938. Paris is a city living on its nerves and the threat of war hangs heavy as a distant thunderstorm on a summer's day. British actress, Clara Vine, is in Paris to film her latest movie, having left Berlin under a cloud.

Joseph Goebbels has become increasingly suspicious that Clara has been mingling in Berlin society and passing snippets of information to her contacts in the British Embassy. It would have been absurd, if it hadn't also been true...With war becoming increasingly likely, Clara is approached by an undercover British operative, Guy Hamilton, who asks her to perform a task for her country: to befriend Eva Braun, Hitler's girlfriend, and to pass on any information she can gather. Clara knows that to undertake this task is to put herself back in danger.

But she also knows that soon she may have to do everything in her power to protect her country...


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